Mineral wool Knauf Omnifit Slab 35 50mm (1200x600)

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Glass wool Knauf Naturboard 032 100mm

Glass wool Knauf Naturboard 032 100mm


KNAUF Naturboard 032 is a glass wool made with ECOSE® technology, which means that it is manufactured from glass fibre without the addition of a binder. It comes from 80% recycled glass and natural raw materials. It is also less dusty and odourless. It is mainly used for insulating ventilated walls, layered walls and for insulating external walls on the inside of a room. The wool is hydrophobic and non-combustible (Euroclass A1).
Lambda - 0.032 W/mK

2-4 weeks


Thermal conductivity λD 0,032 W/mK
Density 34 kg/m3
Fire classification A1
Compressive stress at 10% deformation *NPD
Tensile strength perpendicular to faces *NPD
Point load *NPD
Available thickness (mm)
Additional information formaldehyde-free

Dimensions and packing

Pieces per pack
[pcs.] / [m2]
Packs per pallet
[pcs.] / [m2]
R [m2K/W]
100 1 350 610 8 / 6,58 20 / 115,20 2,85
Pallet dimensions 1200 x 800 x 2500 [mm]
Pallet weight – [kg]
Number of pallets on a STANDARD truck 22
Can pallets be stacked NO

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Glass wool Knauf Naturboard 032 100mm

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